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Rheumatologists - what do you need to do?

When seeing a patient in clinic and/or preparing the application form for the biologic medication:

  • Introduce ARAD Participant Brochure and ask if the patient is interested in joining ARAD.
  • Advise the patient that ARAD will contact them to discuss the registry in further detail.
  • Complete the Rheumatologist box on the 'Permission to Contact' form and ask the patient to complete and sign the relevant section.

Rheumatologists are urged to fax the 'Permission to Contact' form to ARAD Data Management Centre as soon as possible toll free on: 1800 022 730

So that pre-biologic baseline health status and quality of life can be measured to evaluate change in as many patients as possible. This will be very useful data in the event of any future government reviews of biologics in Australia.

Please continue enrolling CONTROL patients (i.e. patients with inflammatory arthritis who have not received biological therapy). To enrol a CONTROL patient, simply complete the "Rheumatologists: Permission to Contact" form in the same manner as non-control patients.

Adverse Event Reporting for ARAD patients

If a patient participating in ARAD develops an adverse event you may notify us by completing the form here and faxing it to us (toll free 1800 022 730).

We are interested in any adverse events in all ARAD patients, (not just those that are possibly related to bDMARDs. We will then send a copy of the form to the Australian Drug Reaction Advisory Committee (ADRAC) unless you advise us not to. This means that you do not need to complete a blue ADRAC form for these patients.

The adverse event information that you provide will be stored securely by the ARAD Data Management Centre and will be completely confidential.

The following information is available for participating members:

(Member Access Only)
Participating Members Information

- Participating Members List
- Adverse Event Reporting for ARAD patients taking bDMARDs
- Spreadsheet to track patients taking bDMARDs

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